Ecstacy Side Effects

Marketers May Contact You

Molly DrugMolly has side effects just like any other drug. The assumption we are making for the purposes of this monograph is that the substance taken was actually MDMA (AKA Ecstacy, E, or X) and that the individual has not combined it with other drugs. Therefore, this would be like taking the drug in a laboratory setting that is not easy to reproduce out in some desert wasteland where you don't know what was in those pills you bought.

When you hear the drug disclaimers on TV, they always put the worst ones last, but you will not get that here. The worst case scenario for Molly is Death. In August of 2013, some people in New York found that out firsthand and a whole music festival had to be cancelled. There is some debate as to whether this is the only cause, but in any frank or honest discussion you should lay out the facts to people who may be interested in experimenting with such a drug. It may be statistically less common than skydiving, but you have a right to know.

Other Unpleasant Effects

When we talk about side effects, we don't normally cover the desired effects that prople are looking for. People are happy, friendly, contented, and want to dance for hours. They may talk a lot. They may be hugging each other, which to an outsider may have dirtier connotations than the "love" that is being presented, and in fact people are often too euphoric to think of baser sensations. Remember, people alter their consciousness because it is enjoyable or different, but the dangers need to be spelled out. In the same way that skateboarding is a rush, you should still be apprised of the danger and the fact that you may break something.

Commonly Listed Issues

First and foremost, overheating can put you in a bad spot, since your body is producing extra heat. Dehydration can cause a lot of electrolyte and chemical imbalances and runaway reactions in your body that can kill cells, especially those in your brain. You can end up having seizures and the same effects as if you had been locked in a car on a hot day. Not to mention the fact that the people who should be looking out for you as a friend may be too high to notice that you are in distress. Some people end up comatose. While the rush of the drug is noted to be fantastic, the letdown is that you can be depressed for weeks because you have depleted the serotonin that your brain normally releases in dribs and drabs to stop your normal waking life from being dreary. At some point, taking more of the drug won't make you happy because all the good neurotransmitters are out of stock and won't be replentished for a couple of weeks. supposedly, taking potassium and 5HTP after usage will help mitigate some side effects, but Molly users (who have presumably chosen to take the drug anyway) should at least try spacing out doses so they are less likely to overdose. After all, if you die from using Molly, your friends will be especially depressed about it, once their high wears off.